Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 80

I just spent some time making an 83 second video about my day in Singapore, and honestly, it's more interesting than the rest of the week. However, it will take over 20 minutes to upload an 83 second video and I will probably be asleep by then.

I worked, and I suppose I worked Friday and Saturday although that really involved spending a total of more than 20 hours on planes and another five or so in airports. I slept maybe an hour or two Friday night and about four hours Saturday, although I basically skipped half a day between crossing time zones and the international date line. The first part of the week's work was the standard linear static analysis type of stuff worrying about mesh quality. It is pretty simple, but always important.

I ran five days this week. I was tired about the lackluster, but longer than 13.1 miles, half marathon last Sunday. So I took Tuesday off, and I spent most of Saturday in an airplane. I only had about an hour in Hong Kong, in the airport to stretch my legs. No workouts, but some good injury and soreness progress.

Coaching was climactic. We had the conference meet this week, and I missed it riding on an airplane somewhere over Asia. The results look like we had a good showing with a couple really strong performances. I have to talk it over with everyone before I really know what happened.

Other than that I am in Singapore. In about 11 hours my plane to Indonesia takes off, so I am off to bed. Goodnight!

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