Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don't Make the Situation Worse

Social media is a wonderful thing. It allows us to connect with people nearly anywhere in the world and with nearly anything in common. However, it also has the ability to construct permanent obstacles to relationships.  A harsh written comment for the world to see can last very long compared to the transient nature of spoken words.

This is something I have noticed over the last seven years that I find unfortunate. We can be quick to attack someone publicly over the Internet, and even say things we would not say face to face. All of that negativity, and for what? The person who said the mean comments looks bad, someone else was hurt, friends of those involved don't want to get involved. I had a saying in high school, "throw away the hate." It is probably more applicable now than it was in the pre-Facebook and pre-Twitter era.

So before you start flaming someone and tearing her or him apart, just take a minute to think it over. Don't make the situation worse. No one comes out on top. When you start slinging mud everyone gets dirty.


  1. Nice post! Negativity seems so prevelent in our world. You said it nicely and with humor--mud slinging everyone gets muddy!


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