Friday, January 21, 2011

We are Alone Together

Facebook, what a place. People go spend all their time on that website. They even spend time on it using their smart phones. I feel like we might be missing out on some actual interactions because of it.

I am frustrated because living in my parents' basement in a place I did not grow up, I only know a few people. Furthermore, the ways that I planned on meeting new people, are not entirely practical here, there are only so many runners and climbers. I planned to meet people by doing things like running, climbing, skiing, or bicycling. Active healthy things that were fun, and not hazardous to my health. Being unemployed has also isolated me from other engineers and scientists who I could be a geek with. The problem is that so few people seem to do that stuff. Instead the bar scene is huge! Don't get me wrong I like to go out to the bars as much as anyone, but I would like to go with friends and friends of friends. My first thought about people I meet in a bar is 'is this person an alcoholic?' I can't create a world of alcoholic friends around me. Alcoholism isn't cool, it's depressing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't need to be friends with only active people and engineers. I take all types, but I have no idea how to meet people that don't get out and do stuff.

One of the common complaints that I hear from people around my age are that they are lonely. Well, I am lonely too. I can go on Facebook and see what people are doing or talking about, but at the end of a 15 minute Facebook session I'm still sitting alone in my room. Thursday night is Jersey Shore night and I know that there are dozens of people my age watching it within three miles of my house, but I am not watching it with any of them. (For the record, Jersey Shore makes me a little sick, but I'll watch it as long as most of the women in the state of Wisconsin my age watch it.)

So what I'm really trying to say is does anyone in the state of Wisonconsin want to go downhill skiing, watch Jersey Shore, go running, ride bicycles, get taken rock climbing (we have to wait until it's a little warmer but I have gear for three people), paint, take a weekend road trip to Canada to look at the northern lights, go out to eat, go to a bar already sober friends, hang out and watch a movie, or do anything else? Anyone?

Just send me an email, text, voicemail, facebook message or whatever else you can think of and I would be pleased to spend time with you. I'll probably even pay for whatever it is we are doing that costs money.

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