Friday, January 28, 2011

What and Who Conspired to Aquire Me a Job

This story starts with me, but most of it has nothing to do with me. So we begin...

  1. There was a boy (yours truly, call me a man if you want but don't kid yourself). 
  2. Boy worked moderately hard for years in school and out of school to be awesome. 
  3. Boy finished all the formal school he aspired to as a 14 year old and tried to find a job.
  4. Boy failed, about 400 times.
  5. This particular boy had a father (aka dad) who was a social worker with a component of his job in public motivational and ethical speaking. 
  6. One particular person, an engineering manager, who attended those motivational and ethical speeches noticed that the father had a son in engineering. Out of respect for the father he was interested in a short after work coffee meeting with the son about job opportunities at his place of employment.
  7. The meeting took place in October and the engineer advised the boy to apply for one job in particular, because it would be a good fit.
  8. The boy applied for said job.
  9. The boy received a rejection email several days later that they were pursuing more qualified people. 
  10. The boy forwarded the rejection email to the engineer with a sparse note about them finding someone more qualified.
  11. Engineer was surprised.
  12. In December an unexpected temporary position in Engineer's group opened up for a person with almost exactly the boy's skills. 
  13. Without the boy applying, the engineer asks if the boy would like to come in for an interview. 
  14. Desperate for a job he agrees.
  15. In interview number one before the end of year most of the employees are gone so the interview is rather informal.
  16. A second interview is scheduled with more people in attendance.
  17. At the second formal interview the boy presents his thesis, is grilled about past experiences and how clean, or rather dirty, his room is. 
  18. Several days later the engineering manager is still unsure of a decision and asks the boy to meet him at Starbucks at 7 AM ten miles from his house.
  19. The boy agrees without hesitation.
  20. At 7 AM meeting in a snow storm the two talk for over half an hour.
  21. The boy leaves the meeting having no idea where he stands.
  22. Several days later the engineer emails and calls the boy to offer him a job.
  23. Boy accepts.
It's humbling. I thought that it wouldn't take this much effort to get a job, but I was wrong. I know that my experience is not typical for everyone, but it is the only situation that resulted, thus far, in a concrete job offer.

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