Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 41

Well, I had an interview in Michigan at a aerospace company this week. Yes, I want the job, it was somewhat more interesting than I expected. My preconceptions of Michigan were not the most positive, but time and again everyone that I talked to gave me a different picture of life there. The job itself also seemed quite interesting. Unfortunately, since I've been away from engineering for longer than I ever expected I do not feel in a position to say that I like this or that better than something else. Who I am to be picky about my career? Perhaps I will get a job where the work is not as interesting as I hoped, but I expect it will take me months to figure that out, and I'll be so happy to have an engineering job that I really won't care for awhile that the work is not the most interesting to me.

In short, no job offers yet.

Running I had a great week. 101.7 miles, exactly the same to the tenth of a mile that I had the week before. I had a great 6300 meter tempo run in 21:12, which for me is exceptionally good. In fact I am pretty sure that is the best tempo I have ever had. It's still nearly 10 seconds per mile slower than I hope to run a marathon some day, but it is a step in the right direction. I also had a nice 21 mile long run which went quite well.

Other than that I spent time with family and friends, spent a little time painting, drank some coffee, and didn't get enough sleep.

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