Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 39

I spent just about the entire week dog sitting, house sitting, and greenhouse sitting in Minnesota for some of my relative who are in Barbados. Yep, Barbados. They even had a spare ticket. Oh well, I got woken up every night between 1 and 6 AM by their dog, and enjoyed -20F wind chills. Who would give that up to go to Barbados?

On the positive side, I applied for 20 jobs exactly, I don't often count the exact number but I did this week. I have an interview this upcoming week at a local company in Wisconsin, and I am very excited for that. I have spent dozens of hours considering what it would mean for me having a job and living at home with my parents in a town where I know hardly anyone. I have come to the conclusion that I will save hundreds of dollars every month, I know a few young fun people, and I already have an infrastructure (running routes, coffee shops, YMCA, GNC, Michael's, and other random stuff I know) and those things will at worst make it bearable, more likely it would probably be exciting. An extra $500 a month to put towards my loans would really help get rid of them. Plus, there are other expenses that living with my parents I would probably not have if I lived alone or with friends, like food and drink or expensive entertainment like a season ski pass.

Running I had a really good week. It was not fantastic mileage at 83 miles, but I ran a 20 miler in 2:17 (my third fastest 20+ mile run), a 5 mile tempo in 28:35 (which is one of my best tempos ever), and a six mile tempo in 37:23. I don't often get that much quality in one week so I am pretty pleased.

I spent much of the week taking care of a greenhouse and I'll write some about that in the near future. Plants are pretty cool.

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