Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love My Life.

I've said that many times, dozens, probably hundreds of times. However over the last year I haven't said it as much. Unemployment is depressing. Really depressing. Now that I have a job, it's like everything is different. I wake up before the sun is up and get home just as the sun goes down, but strangely when I go for a run in the dark around here the snow reflects so much light that it is far brighter out than any run in Massachusetts I ever had at night. I thought running in the dark would be depressing, but it really isn't.

I haven't been paid yet, I don't have a company email yet, I can't login to my computer, I barely know how to use the software, and I know about three people so far, but it's such a good situation! They are going to pay me to hang out and make colorful pictures on the computer! (It's actually called finite element simulations, generally stress analysis or heat transfer and it requires a bunch of math and science, but the results are generally colorful pictures.)

For some strange reason I know hundreds of the most interesting people. Every time I turn around I meet another person who is incredibly interesting. Life, for me, is about relationships. Therefore having an awesome life means having awesome relationships, and I do. It was hard for me to appreciate that fact as I was sucking the money out of everyone in 2010, but I didn't forget! Over the years you all (those of you that I know) have given me so much! I can't believe that I actually lived to be 24 in the year 2011 and get an engineering job! There were so many barriers and events that have happened in the last two years that I am surprised I'm alive. Not in a depressing way, but I am truly happy that I lived to take a six thousand mile road trip though the middle of nowhere and huge cities without killing myself. I didn't take a final fall off a rock or ice cliff. I didn't get hit by a car while I was running.

I am just so thankful for everything that I know I have and I am also thankful for those things that I have that I am too ignorant to know that I have. As long as I am able to contribute to society and my friends in particular, I plan to. I certainly did not get here on my own. I can not ignore those who helped me get to this place or those that might contribute more than I in the future. I love my life. I think I probably have the best life in the world. You are welcome to argue. I mean your life is hopefully the best life in the world from your point of view. For all of those depressing blog posts that people sat through the last 57 week, here is your reward, weeks of happiness are to come, probably.

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