Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Pay It Back and Pay It Forward Time

The movie Pay It Forward is one of my top twenty, perhaps even top ten, favorite movies. The basis for the movie is a theory that if one person would help three people in some big way and those three people each help three other people in a big way and the process continues, we can change the world. It is a moving concept. It is also in line what what I value highly in life, relationships.

I was asked once what I thought my ideal church would be. Specifically, what the people would do. My answer was help others who were less fortunate. From my rich, privileged, sheltered, ignorant United States upbringing I have been given more in my short life than some families around the world ever have. Yet I can't give back my education and experiences so I must move forward.

Fortunately for my long term money management skills I have tens of thousands of dollars that I owe to various companies. That very detailed blog article is going to show up after my second paycheck (the article is already written). Thus I must pay my bills. Some of those bills also have interest rates that are less than desirable. So I'm not in the black yet, and I won't have a positive net worth for at least a few years.

Scores of my friends and family have given me food, shelter, drinks, driven me places, lent computers and movies and all manner of generosity. I feel that I must pay forward to others what has so generously been given to me. I'm not saying I'm buying my sister a brand new car in a few months, but I am saying that I'll pick up the check for dinner. Just pay it forward, please. Most of the people that read this blog have had it pretty easy in life. I just want to encourage you not to get caught up in the numbers and to remember the people.

And if I was trying to raise money for a charity I would put the link down here. I can't tell you what to support or which less fortunate people to help, because ultimately, your charity in life will mean more to you if it is something that you really stand for.

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