Saturday, October 16, 2010


It can chase you, you can chase it, and in many cases it goes both ways. How do you get it? What do you do with it once you have it? How do you keep it? To all of those questions I do not know.

Reportedly, one billion people watched the beginning of the rescue of the miners in Chile. One Billion. That kind of publicity compares to being the president of the United States.

Thinking of some of the recent big moments in history like September 11th, 2001 and the Beijing Olympics it is interesting what rivets the world. Tragedy (September 11th) and over coming tragedy (Chilean miners) as well as what I would describe as world peace (the Olympics) all seem to draw huge crowds of people to televisions around the world. It can be hard to say what will attract billions versus what will be far less.

It seems that for many organizations, publicity or advertising or marketing can all be difficult things. That is to say people would be interested in a service or a product but they simply do not know that it exists. It is also not always a glamourous job. What works and what does not work is hard to say. In most cases I do not know.

However, I occassionally submit blog articles to blog carnivals, a blog will post 5-30 articles from as many blogs and the hope is to get some readership from one blog to read another related blog. I have done this a number of times with limited success. However, earlier this week I had a great one. It was the Carnival of Money Stories. A whole bunch of articles about money. From how to save it to how to earn it to simply surviving unemployment. I received dozens of hits to my "Sleeping in Strange Places" article. After other blog carnivals resulting in single digit referrals this was a huge step up. Who is to say what will work? You will never know for sure unless you try.

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