Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 26

The week had several highlights. On Wednesday I had coffee with a representative from Kohler Company about possible positions in their Engines and Generators divisions. We discussed possible openings and which positions would fit me the best. I am a huge fan of face to face meetings. Over email and phones it is hard to really get a feel for everyone's reactions and comprehension. In person concepts and situations are so much easier to explain.

I ran a stellar 36 miles. Mere peanuts compared to the steak and potatoes that I was throwing down a year ago this time or the other 100+ mile weeks I have done. However, I am having a tough time recovering from the Wonderland Trail. 93 miles and over 22,000 feet of elevation in less than 32 hours is not easy. However, recovery is going well. My runs toward the end of the week were averaging less than eight minutes per mile, which is good less than three weeks after such a strenuous physical event.

I applied for 20+ jobs in the new traditional online application process. It is such a strange method to find a job. Job descriptions do not always describe the actual position, I have learned after talking to numerous engineers. Furthermore, everyone that I know has a different opinion of what the prefect resume is. So I submit my resume and someone doesn't like the format so they throw me out. I am continually excited reading job descriptions of awesome positions are amazing companies. Only to never hear back. Following up typically results in a reply that the position is closed and they are looking at other candidates. It is what it is. On the very positive side, I can honestly say that I am not biased when it comes to resumes anymore. Having been through several revisions in the past several years I think that when I hire in the future I will be able to give a very unbiased look at the credentials on resumes and less focused on the format.

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