Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 28

In the job searching world, I organized my trip details to Cincinnati for the interview I have there Friday. I am excited to interview with this company for this particular position. Specifically, they are an aerospace company and the position is in research and development with exotic materials. Part of the interview is giving a presentation on my research so that they can evaluate my presenting skills. At WPI we did so many projects and presentations that I really like that style of interview. I like it better than a question like where I see myself in ten years. I never saw myself being unemployed, ever. So where I will be in the future I do not know. I guarantee that whatever job I have will alter whatever course of life I am on. Where I am in ten years will depend if I get a job in Ohio or Maryland or end up back in grad school before getting an engineering job.

I only applied for a few jobs this week. I would apply for more if I was qualified enough to think that they would even give me a five minute phone call. I do apply for a number of jobs that I may not be 100% qualified for based on the years of experience they are asking for. I also apply for jobs that I am overqualified for and I don't get interviewed for those either. You would think they would hire a college graduate to make lattes right?

I ran 42 miles, which is a slight improvement in mileage from last week. My legs are still torn to pieces from the Wonderland Trail. That was one hard run. Put in perspective, I went the vertical feet from basecamp on Everest to the top of Everest and back down, twice, in 32 hours. The difference being I was wearing shorts a short sleeve shirt and running shoes and the elevation was always below 7000 feet, so it was much easier. Still it makes me think... Everest basecamp to summit in one day?

I also did a little painting. I painted El Cap and Long Peak. I'll do a post about them this week. I also plan to do a little more painting this week as well.

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