Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 29

The highlight of last week was by far the interview I had on Friday. After searching for the perfect position it seems that perhaps this position would be ideal for me. However, for the sake of possible rejection I will not go into details about what might be. Suffice to say, it went well, in my opinion, and I would very much like to work there.

Apart from that I only applied for a few jobs, received no invitations to interview, or much less a job offer.

I ran 47 miles this week, which was an improvement over last week. I was on track to run over 50 miles but Saturday I had problems. It started on Thursday and Friday while I was wearing my dress shoes. They have arch support and that inflamed the plantar fascia on my right foot. So when I returned home and went for a run Saturday I wore my Vibram Five Fingers. I was moving along fine until just before two miles I had a very acute pain on the outside of my right ankle. It hurt very badly, so I turned around and ran and walked back home. My leg is totally fine now. I think that since I have not run in Vibrams since August or July, my feet were weak again and prone to injury. The fix is wear the Vibrams with no support and hope my feet can handle it.

I did some more painting. I painted two metaphorical modern paintings. I painted them in "The Style" or De Stijl. In the words of my sister, "That's all you painted on this whole canvas... That's such a waste."

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