Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 27

This was one of those weeks that could be big or could be a typical fizzle. I applied for a huge number of jobs. Mostly at two large companies with dozens of new engineering openings that I had not applied to. The economy must be turning around because there are simply more openings listed than there were this past winter. 

I applied to roughly 50 jobs this week. With 42 of those being at only three companies. I also expanded my options this week. I have been trying to get a job in the US. Well, with news of 95,000 newly unemployed it seems that the US might not have a job to offer me. So I started to apply to jobs in other countries. I applied to jobs in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom. All of the jobs were through two aerospace companies and three oil companies. That is to say, organizations I was familiar with ahead of time, and had even applied to in the past. Of the five total countries I have visited the US is my favorite. I would like to live here. But, if the US does not want me I will go work somewhere else for awhile. The concept of being a citizen in one country and working in another is common in Europe and a few other places near borders around the world. I had simply not considered that as an option. 

Fortunately, only one day after applying to a job with one of the largest companies in the US I was called for a ten minute preliminary interview Friday afternoon. It went well and they are inviting me to come interview with them in Ohio near Cincinnati. I like interviewing. I find that getting the interview is the hardest part. Once I get to talk to people face to face I do quite well. Only one interview I have ever had ended with me not getting the job because of me. The other times it has not resulted in an job was because of hiring freezes and budget cuts. It has not been a good time to get a job these last two years.

As far as the interview that I had in Maryland in August, I once again inquired about when they would make a decision. The response was "sometime before Christmas". Well, they didn't say no...

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