Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This is MY Team!

We had an emergency at work again. A pretty huge quality issue. We don't know how big it will be. We only just learned of it Monday. Obviously I'm not going into the details, that's not my intellectual property. 

However, having been through a score of emergencies and a handful this big in 2015 our team has learned how to handle the situation. I can proudly say we are going to nip this in the bud. 

The first several emergencies were not pretty. We kind of didn't know what to do. The process was detailed and ambiguous to cover all scenarios, but not specific to any one scenario. Well, we figured it out. I sat through a 25 minute meeting today which almost brought tears to my eyes, or made me want to clap at the end. It was a meeting the way meetings should be run, direct and to the point, wasting no one's time. 

The point is perseverance, or grit as we like to call it sometimes. We stuck it out through the painful and depressing and frustrating early issues until we have reached this point where we click along like a Swiss watch. We aren't perfect by any means. There is still a lot of ambiguouity. Yet we are rolling through details in hours that previously took us far longer. This is MY team!

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