Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Not Winning

This will sound arrogant but I don't like going into races that either I won't win, or the field is less than national or international class. Perhaps racing should be wholy a celebration of my health and fitness. I would like that and maybe someday it will be, but it is not now. Now, racing is about records, winning, achievement. Saturday I will run my first race since the 24 hour world championships and my second race in just over nine months. The last two years I have gotten second in this race and this year has a deeper field and I am in worse shape. I am nervous. I don't want to do worse. I want to train harder, run more miles before I race. But I also want to run this race at the Mines of Spain, it's my home course. 

Well, I'm going to fight tooth and nail, whatever happens I can say it will be all I have on the day. 

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