Monday, August 17, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 217

This will just be a short update. I worked overtime last week (minimum 48 hours with mandatory 30 minute lunch each day) spending three days in the factory. I will probably say more about this experience in the future, but for now suffice to say I worked more than average this week.

Running was not so good. After twisting my ankle last Satuday in the half marathon it has been stiff and sore all week. Here we are nine days later and it still hurts! My mileage was low, 20s I think, and no workouts.

The highlight of the week was assisting Kelsey Regan (@RidingUltras on Instagram) as she set the record bicycling from the bottom of Wisconsin at the Illinois border up to Lake Superior. Of course having never been on an adventure like this I will write up a trip report this week.

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