Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No. I will not do that event.

In the last two days I have said no to two different events, races in this case. I like pleasing people, but the older I get, and suffering through injuries at the moment, I realize time is not infinite for me and I can't do every event and perform as well as I would like. Sure, I could do "everything" but then none of it would be at the level I know I am capable of because I would never be recovering like I need.

It is like this for everything, volunteering, getting "involved", even going to meetings at work. More than once have I witnessed a manager of some sort rushing from one meeting to another and hastily pushing for something that confuses everyone else in the room. No one says anything because it would be disrespectful. The point being, whether running ultra races or going to meetings or whatever, it all takes energy and focus and if you want to do them well, you can't do them all. That being said, it's all a priority thing, if you want the involvement more than the performance, and that's okay it's just not my thing, you can do that that. 

NPR recently had a story about how our timelines shift as we age. Young people think about forever. Old people think about today. Most likely your priorities ten years ago, and ten years from now, will not be what they are today. I know mine have changed and I am confident they will change in the future. Now, I want to run a strong race, in the future it might conceivably be a world record attempt that focuses my competitive energies. Point being, I can't do it all, but I can do some of it really well.

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