Thursday, August 6, 2015

100% Inspection

Mercedes test drives their cars, every one. Perhaps you would expect that from every car company, however it is actually unusual. When people buy new cars it is common for them to have less than 10 miles on the odometer. You see, testing takes time, it costs money, and it reduces the profit margin. It takes people, which can be a big expense. However, from a quality point of view doing 100% inspection, that means inspecting every part or every finished product, is the best way to find every problem. 100% inspection is part of the reason aerospace products cost so much money, because the testing is more rigorous than for automotive or consumer products.

The point of this is to say, if you want to stand out from a quality point of view, 100% inspection is the way to go, but it comes with a financial cost which is why it is rather unusual.

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