Monday, March 10, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 148

This week in one word: exasperating. Yeah, I just like gave and gave and went hard as much as I could and I'm spent. My left knee has an MCL grade one sprain, I should be fine later this week, but I'm not yet. Work is… work. I mean it's not called play, because it's not play. It is stressful. At least, I make it stressful because I am new, and we are at a point were a lot of our deadlines are due. Those two things are stressful. That being said, I pushed the program 0.025% forward Friday! It is kind of a joke, but not entirely, I did actually push one metric, the big metric 0.025%.

I do too much. People are constantly asking me, "Are you getting excited for Mt. Everest?" And I respond, "Yeah, but I'm so busy that I don't have much time to think about it." Oh yeah, I'm leaving for the tallest mountain in the world in a few weeks. Yet I'm just worried about getting through two meetings on Monday and pushing more stuff through the paperwork. Then making it to two meetings after work Monday. Hopefully I can squeeze in a run during the day sometime too, because I've only been running about 3 miles every other day the last five days or so. Hardly ideal training.

I'm looking forward to Everest because it will actually be a vacation. I mean, honestly, I will use skills and techniques intensely, and it will demand an extraordinary amount of patience and concentration, but it's really only one task, walking on steep ground with crampons and huge boots in really cold weather. No other stuff to distract me and not multiple groups to go to meetings with everyday. It is simple, climb the mountain.

Not the most specific description of the week, but a good one. Sometimes the emotional description, not the factual one is the makes the difference to people. Do you care that someone reads your problems? Or do you care that someone looks you in the eyes and feels your pain, even without saying a word? Obviously it's the second. The point being, I'm trying to let you look me in the eye.

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