Sunday, March 30, 2014

T-Minus 72 Hours to Everest!

In about 72 hours, three days, I board a plane to India and the adventure which until now consists of emails, ordered gear, awkward conversations, and a plethora of intricate details, becomes real.
My Two Pairs of High Altitude Boots
My Plethora of Electronics
The Only Actual Climbing Equipment I am Bringing
A Full Bottle of Air I Brought Down from 23,050 feet on Broad Peak in 2009
How am I feeling? I'm just ready to go. It's a lot of packing left to do. I have everything I need, now it's about the little things I desire, like a new tube of sunscreen, a travel razor, which shirts do I bring, do I have the contact information of everyone I can think of, etc.? The list is mind boggling. I have four headlamps. I might only take three. Maybe I should only take two. Worth noting, I'm only bringing two pairs of non climbing pants, and I will probably end up wearing them 50 of the 63 days on this trip. It's strange to bring such a wide selection of gear and clothing, much of it in the hope of summiting, and in that best case scenario, wearing that stuff for only 48 hours. The cost of my specific 7000 meters and higher clothing and equipment gets close to a dollar per minute, even while I am sleeping.

Well, from now on most updates will be intermittent and at unusual hours. I have the map tracking turned on, I plan to embed that on here soon. Also, I plan on Twitter (@isaiahjanzen) being my main form of out going communication. I will update this blog as I can, but Twitter is more basic and less bandwidth consuming.


  1. Go Isaiah! Have a safe and fun trip!! I can't wait to read all about it.

  2. I am so happy to see you fulfilling a long term goal of yours! Have fun out there and climb well!


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