Monday, March 31, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 151

Another busy week! My stress, mostly work related peaked Tuesday and Wednesday, but by Thursday I realized that some things were not going to get done before I left, and so much was taken care of that my absence should not be the end of the world. Also, my boots finally arrived on Thursday, I am the new owner of the La Sportiva Olympus Mons! (Foreshadowing?) Everything I wanted to get for Everest, from four batteries for one of my cameras, to Buffs and the new economics book Capital in the Twenty-First Century have all arrived!

I worked a lot of hours, had a lot of meetings, and a lot of last minute things have gotten done. I can successfully say I pushed the needle in the right direction. I ran some, I'm not sure on exactly how much, close to 20 miles probably. I did 8 on Saturday and my knee flared up the last couple miles. It's a blessing in disguise that this knee and muscle imbalance came up before I left so that I have had time to work on fixing it before I leave.

Sustainable South Sudan also got off the ground thanks to more emails and a meeting. I also gave a $1000 donation to get it started and start helping the people in South Sudan. We are going to build a farm!

Short, discombobulated, marginally coherent, thus is life before a big trip.

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