Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have a Great Life

I think I have the best life in the world. Hopefully you think the same about your day but listen to my Wednesday:

Wake up at 4:50 to run nine miles with M former D3 3rd place at NCAA XC who is training for NYC marathon and trials standard.

Oatmeal and coffee from my French press on my way to work at an amazing job! I have such a great job and I am excited daily to go to work. I worked with a design guy R and manufacturing guy T today and we are working into some great ideas for the new skidder. Work is awesome!

Go to UD XC practice and hang out with the kids. I might not be an asset every day, but I have much to share with them. After their practice I ran the best mile repeats of my life 5:08, 5:08, 5:09, 5:07 all with 400 jog rest in 1:45-50. My friend G who is also one of the coaches paced me through the first 800 of the first two and 1000 of the third. Could not have done it all solo in the wind today. Lifted in the weight room then C made me a burrito before the first track and field meeting of the year.

That's my life. No girlfriend, which I am not really sure I have the time and energy for now anyway, but everything else is going really well. Such a huge change from 2010.

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  1. Wow. You are one lucky guy. I hope to have a great life like that when I grow up.


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