Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Do Not Always Adjust Well to Others

I am really good at routine. I enjoy the stability and relaxation of not worrying about what comes next. The problem is in any new relationship there is an adjusting between parties so that all involved benefit the most. I have trouble adjusting to new routines and methodologies of life.

What brings this up? Women my age talking about being a stay at home mom on the second date. That concept is so many steps beyond me at this moment in my life. I can see how it is valid topic to discuss because it is pertinent to the future, however, I feel that topic could be addressed further down the road closer to the time a decision is necessary.

When it comes to social situations, I move very slow. Basically, I do everything slow. I run the marathon because it is one of the slowest races out there. I used to think I learned fast, then I went to WPI and specifically grad school. Moral of the story, I adjust, slowly and if I can be convinced it is worth it.

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