Monday, September 19, 2011

I Live in Iowa: Week 22

Worked 41.5 hours. I'll tell you what, using India as an engineering resource saves me a bundle of time probably 60 hours thus far in September.

I ran 106 miles including a day off, a great 4xmile session, a 5k race, and short hill sprints. A really good week of training.

Coaching is going well. The kids are progressing so fast it is amazing. We did a 10-12 mike long run with most of them Saturday and they hardly were scared of it versus three weeks ago.

I'm busy! I suppose I have time for what I make time for, but it's almost nine, I haven't paid my bills, I haven't checked my email, and I haven't reserved a hotel room for the wedding I am going to this weekend.

A thought for the week: what do you deserve from your government? If we can answer that we might have a better time dealing with government debt.

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