Monday, May 23, 2011

I live in Iowa: Week 5

I feel this was an exciting week but of course you needn't agree. It all started at 4:00 AM Sunday. I drove up to Green Bay, ran a marathon, and drove back the marathon was a source of drama all week. First I thought I ran 2:35, then I found out the fourth mile was 800 feet long and everyones times were officially adjusted. So I ran a 2:34. The big problem is that I thought I was at 29:22 at fives miles and picked it up a bit to hit half at 1:14:42, but my adjusted half time was 1:13:50, which I can tell you was a tad fast. While I didn't hit the wall I did slow down the last ten miles.

I could barely walk Monday, which is okay because I have a desk job. Tuesday was just about my best day at work yet. In the morning I spent time driving the skidded and wheeled feller buncher. In the afternoon I went to Davenport with a coworker to study production. I was hobbling around the factory as the two engineers I was with walked away from me. It was funny. Eventually they would stop and I would catch up, breathing hard.

I worked a little over 43 hours this week. I also started a new project working on one aspect of tier 4 emissions for nonroad diesel engines.

My feet and ankles have been bothering me. Besides the four hours of bike riding I did this week (at least 5 miles every day) all I did was sit around. I am worried about my left ankle because it is still swollen and after about an hour on the bike it typically hurts more. I know, I know, I am addicted to exercising and I need to rest, but it is so hard for me to sit still and lay on the couch. I like moving around and aerobic exercise.

On the social life front, I hung out with people at least part of the night four nights this week. Bicycling with friends from work and then my cousin was in town. I took my single speed cyclocross bike out mountain biking and it is perfect! It is geared a little high for steep ascents and on sharp corners the front tire can hit my feet. However, it is so light and agile that it handles easy mountain biking single track really well. Moderate mountain biking it handles, and hard mountain biking equals walking because it has no suspension.

It was a good week. I mean I will probably only do 15-20 competitive marathons so everyone is unique. Plus, I have a job! It is amazing how after only four employed months I glaze over the fact that I have a job that I find interesting and that pays very well. Interesting note about my life and money, my net worth passed -40,000 this week! Soon enough I will be positive, hard to imagine now.

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