Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goals for My Debut Marathon

I am all about the goals. With my first ever marathon race coming up, I of course have some goals. Here they are in order:

  1. Enjoy the race and enjoy the day. I have known for almost four years that the marathon was in my competitive future not just my recreational future. I have had a number of setbacks over the last three years that have prevented me from having the kind of performance at shorter distances that I would have liked before my debut. That being said, I am happy to be where I am going into this marathon.
  2. Don't screw it up. If I go out in 1:11 or something I am pretty sure that I will hit the wall. I can easily see myself getting convinced into running with a pack at low 5:30s pace, which is too fast for me now. I have to take it easy and relax for as long as I can, even though that means I'll probably be running alone most of the race. I would like to even split or negative split.
  3. Finish sub 2:30. That's what I'm training for, that's what I think I'm capable of.
  4. Finish sub 2:27. There is a marathon, the Fukouka Marathon, in Japan, with an A and a B standard. The B standard is 2:45 and the A standard is 2:27. It is the most prestigious marathon to qualify for in the world with the exception of national and international championships. Anyway, I would like to get the A standard so that I have the option of entering in December. Every serious road racer has the desire to run in Japan at some point. The Japanese are huge distance running fans and the atmosphere is supposed to be legendary. 
  5. There is prize money for the top 5. Based on past results I am looking to finish around 10th place, but you just don't know. The reason that we run races is because you can not tell by training and past results what the results will be. If you could we would not run races. 
Those are my goals, in order. Whatever happens I plan to enjoy being fit and mostly uninjured on race day, which is an accomplishment in itself. Life is good.  I feel refusal to realize my gifts  is ignorant. 

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