Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Live in Iowa: Week 6

A busy busy week. I worked 9-10 hours the first four days of the week before taking Friday "off". Working from 7 am until after 5 pm is not easy. In college when I hit a productivity wall I went running, worked out, ate, switched locations, spent half an hour on the Internet, or some other diversion. At work, with the exception of lunch, no one really changes it up like that.

I ran Wednesday, about four miles but the fifth metatarsal in my right foot hurt the last half mile so that was it for the week in running. I did get out and ride my bike a few hours.

Memorial Day is a bike weekend for flowers. My relatives greenhouse delivers urns to gravestone and it is a big project. From Thursday to Saturday 450 urns were delivered. Each urn weighs 40-45 pounds depending on how recently it was watered. Each urn is carried several times and it is very tiring. I couldn't let them have all the fun without me so I drove up Thursday night and worked three days delivering urns and doing manual labor in the greenhouse. It's perfect cross training for me at this point and more importantly, I spent time with my family. Everybody only gets one family, with several parts usually but just one.

It was a good week, it was busy, and if I didn't have running I can see how I might turn into a workaholic.

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