Friday, March 11, 2011

Type A Personality

I was reading a magazine recently and it mentioned running at 6:00 AM willfully as being an attribute of a type A personality. I've never really thought of myself in that context. I like to imagine that I can be relaxed and patient like a type B, but I guess I am ambitious and I do stress myself out. Hopefully I am a mix of both but honestly I can not view myself as well as others. Am I a type A personality?

I feel that I more closely associate with the risk taking type T personality. I suppose that everyone is really a mix of the three, or a mix of how many personality types there are. The point is I've been running willfully and excitedly at 6:00 AM since I started working over a month ago. I really got burnt out on 6:00 AM running in high school and it took me about two years to recover before I could set personal records again. Now that I am doing a few 6:00 AM runs most weeks it is strange to remember how hard it was when I was 17. It is interesting how people grow, mature, and change.

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