Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buy Amazon! Buy Through Me!

Many people buy things using Their product selection continues to get larger and larger. What started out as a book store is now the World's largest online retailer and 16th most popular website over all. One of the things that has helped Amazon grow is the support it has in the online community. Many people, such as myself, participate in the affiliate program. That means that if you click on one of my Amazon product links you will get taken to their website and if you buy something I receive a small percentage of that sale. The nice thing is that as long as you don't close your browser, from my understanding, whatever you buy will be credited to my account. In other words I can advertise a Dan Brown book but after clicking the link you buy a J. K. Rowling book instead I still get a percentage of the sale.

This is my shameless plug for myself. I know that most of the people I know have bought something from Amazon at one point or another so I encourage you to buy from amazon after clicking on one of my links. You don't have to pay anything extra, and I get a small percentage of the sale.

Why should you spend the extra minute of your life to click through my website before buying something on Amazon? First, because this site does actually cost me a little bit of money. Due to coaching and DVD sales in 2010 I made money but we are about 10 weeks into 2011 and I haven't made a cent despite the largest rate of visitors yet. Second, buying Amazon products after clicking through my links is a way that you can support Learning to DO without spending any more money then you would have already. You spend the same amount of money and I make some money. Third, this website is free and not password protected. Unlike a book or newspaper, you get this information free. Buying a product at Amazon after clicking on one of my links is a way that you can say "Thank You" without much effort and requiring no extra money.

Perhaps you are interested in buying the Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device. Simply click on that link and then buy it! It is their number one selling product after all.Or perhaps you are interested in clicking on a picture. You can do that as well. By clicking on the picture or text below and then buying something.

If you are not into digital reading there are other options, such as books made from paper. For example perhaps you have not read the third Robert Langdon book, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. It sold over 15 million copies in hardcover, so you know that it wasn't a terrible read.

Or perhaps you are interested in the Acadamy Award winning film The King's Speech. I actually went to see it in theaters recently and it is a very good movie.

If you take pictures or video on anything other than your cell phone you probably need another SD flash memory card. Who doesn't need another one, right?

On the other hand Amazon sells many other products besides books, media and electronics. Perhaps you need to buy your sixth pair of Saucony Grid Fastwitch shoes.

More than likely you are interested in something else all together. That's fine, if you simply click on one of my links and buy anything without closing your browser in between I still get a few percent of the purchase.

If you read all the way to the bottom, thank you for listening. It is strange for me to ask people to buy something. I feel that this relationship (sharing the story of my learning) should not be built around money. Money comes and goes but friends and family will, hopefully, be there either way. It is similar for my readers and I. My goal with this website is to provide information so that some people will learn something that will help in their life, hopefully at the price of free for them. To that end, it does cost me money and if people are going to buy things on Amazon they might as well contribute a few percent of their purchase to me. Thank you again for reading and if you buy something, thank you even more.

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