Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Movie Review: Limitless

I had the unique opportunity to see the new movie Limitless in theaters Monday night several days before it came/comes out. If you have not heard of it watch the trailer. The movie is about a struggling writer who is offered a pill to open his mind. With that one pill he is more productive in one day than in the months before hand. The movie then follows his rising stardom while he tries one new things after another successfully. Soon enough he encounters a number of challenges. To learn the outcome you will need to watch the movie.

Based on the title you can probably guess that the main character at times feels that he has no limits. That is exactly what happens. The concepts of the movie were, mildly motivating. The encouraged me to fly past 50,000 words in my new book the next day. The movie suggests that a person could have the ability to retrieve every piece of knowledge he or she has ever learned as well as learn at an incredible rate and use all of that on command. Just imagine, understanding stock market rumors so well that you buy and sell stocks based solely on what people are saying instead of anything to do with the company and actually knowing enough to make money every time. Of course, people would find out and you could have a whole new set of problems...

What was my favorite aspect of the movie? Easily the dialogue. There were a number of quotes that I found pretty funny. At one point he says something like, "Math was suddenly useful, even fun." Maybe I'm missing something, but I've felt like that as long as I can remember. Another time he mentioned the need to go forward, because otherwise he feels as if he is going backwards. Again, doesn't everyone feel like that?

What was my least favorite aspect of the movie? It turned into a little bit of a MGMT music video at some points. The first part of the movie also felt like something that even I could have filmed and edited, although, I was in the second row, so I had a bad angle.

I enjoyed the movie and in two years when it is playing on FX I'll watch it again. Worth your $10.50 to see at the theaters? Depends on what you like. I'm not going to see it a second time, but it was good. Worth the $1 at RedBox? I think so.

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