Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Judge

I know it's hard. We see others and think about how in some way they are inferior. It's a bad cycle. On the other hand, no one is prefect. Not you, certainly not I, and no one else that I have ever met. We are all inferior in some way to someone else.

I think being critiqued is a great thing. Having another tell us our weaknesses helps us overcome those weaknesses. That being said, when offering a critique to anyone remember that you are not above being critiqued yourself. There is a difference between a critique and being judged however. Judging leaves a verdict of some sort about the situation whereas a critique is about past performance. Judging implies some sort of punishment is deserved. A critique offers the ability to address weaknesses and improve.

In short, don't judge. Don't condemn another because of one facet of his or her life that you see. Who are you to know what another facet of his or her life might contain? Perhaps that person you seek to destroy mentally, at least in your head or amongst your friends, is experiencing a rough patch and soon enough will change the world more than all the Presidents of the United States combined have. It could happen.

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