Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Years?

So I started doing this blog thing in February 2009, and I'm still doing it, as much as ever, two years later. I totally started this on the whim that I was going to start a company with employees. It has turned out to be a more holistic view of my life. I feel that for the most part I am staying true to the title, Learning to DO. I just am learning about far more than business.

January and February were the too highest months I have had for visits yet averaging over 40 unique visits per day for both months. Hopefully those that read this are learning something just as I am continuously learning.

What defined my second year of blogging?

  1. Going restricted for a few months. That really cut down on my visits. I am sure that people who would have liked to know more about Abaqus did not get the same kind of help that I have on here. I also did not being restricted. I highly doubt that will happen again. Chances are this blog will continue until either the Internet vanishes or I do. Even if I pass away, my sister could post all of the half finished blog posts I have.
  2. Weekly series happened just about every week this past year. That's a trend that in some way will probably stay with me for a long time. The titles and content will change. I suppose that some day I might have a series like "Doing Retirement" or "How a Child Raises a Parent" or Countdown to Wedding Day" although, none of those are even on the radar yet. 
  3. Unemployment turned out to be a huge theme of my life. I've said about all that I can say about that. 
Thank you for continuing to read! Without all of your visits I would not be as motivated to keep writing. I keep on keeping on with the hope that something that I write will help other people. If just one person is helped in a positive way, it is worth it.

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