Monday, September 14, 2009

Meeting the Rockstars

The rockstars of heat treating that is.

Yesterday I arrived in Indianapolis for the ASM International Heat Treating Society biennial meeting. There are ten of my advisor's graduate students and post docs here because he is the president of the society. So far I've met the people that own DANTE and after talking with them I have learn about many simplifications to my model that I was not sure I could make. It was the kind of ten minute conversation that just cannot be had over the phone. When I get back to a place with free Internet and 110 volt outlets everywhere I will have lots of new things to try.

In the hours that we have had off I have managed to run 22 miles so far (including a really easy day today). In exploring Indianapolis I have run on the Carroll track and past the NCAA headquarters and hall of fame. Tomorrow afternoon we have off so I am planning to go to the hall of fame and perhaps go try and talk to some division three person about the state of track and request a 3000 and 1000 meter race at indoor nationals. I might also stop by the USATF office which is maybe three blocks from my hotel.

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