Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My history of running related injuries

Here is the complete list of injuries I have inflicted on myself running.

1. 2000? My legs hurt just below the knee. I went to the doctor and found out that I had osgood-slaughters disease just like a bunch of other teenagers with growing pains. They hurt and lasted a few years longer than they were supposed to.

2. 2002 cross country I had trouble breathing and went to the doctor and was diagnosed with exercised induced asthma. After using my inhaler before every run for a week I decided that it wasn't helping and I quit asthma.

3. 2003 cross country we were running five morning and five afternoon practices a week and I got some minor shin splints.

4. 2006 indoor track I wore cushioning shoes and they made my knees go kaput. It was the only time I have started out on a run and a mile in I slumped over and cried because it hurt so much. This turned out to be a very educational injury. My coach at the time Mike showed me how to lift weights and I did a lot of cross training. Despite running only three days a week for six weeks I PR'd in every race that season including taking 11 seconds off my mile time and 19 seconds off my 2 mile/3k time. Offically it was patella-femoral tendonitis also know as runner's knee.

5. 2007 last meet of indoor track at MIT I broke a sesamoid bone on my right foot and took a month off leading into costa rica. In June I reinjured it doing barefoot strides in institute park. I got both of my feet x-rayed and it turns out I have one broken sesamoid bone on each foot. This can be pain free with stronger feet, tape, or pads in my shoes. I sometimes wear L-shaped pads in my shoes to take the pressure off the sesamoid bones.

6. 2007 November shin splints. I learned exercises for my shins and took two weeks off. If I don't do those exercises at least once a week I might get shin splints again.

7. 2008 plantar fasciitis. Worst injury ever. Best experience for cross training, strengthing, and patience in exercising. Cause: jumping around in mileage too quick, working out before I was ready, and not stretching my calves. Remedy: better stretches, more effective cross training, a more educated view of how to approach season workouts (careful with hard steep hills). I rode my bike up to 60 miles and four hours on Sundays instead of a long run, I lifted weights or did a core routine five days a week in the mornings, I did 60-90 minutes of aqua jogging every Tuesday and Thursday, and I did lots of cycling and elliptical on the week days. It was not the same as running but I came back and threw down an easy 33:55 10k and ok 16:13 5k before failing from lack of base.

That's about it for major injuries. I have had dozens of minor aches and pains but these stick out as the worst and the most educational that I have had.

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