Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The finite element stress simulations I create using Abaqus often have very interesting stress fields. The interesting thing about stress is that it is not just a number. It is several vectors, in fact it is actually a tensor. So this is way cooler than temperature because you can't just specify that those nodes are at a certain stress level. So that you can see here is the stress at element 1 in one of my simulations (all numbers are in MegaPascals):

Element: 1 Von Mises: 2.91804 Maximum In-plane: -153.946E-03 Minimum In-Plane: -2.99197 Out of Plane: 0. Maximum Principle: 0. Mid-Principle: -153.946E-03 Minimum Principle: -2.99197 Tresca: 2.99197 Pressure: 1.04864 Third Invariant: -2.90889 S11: -205.309E-03 S22: -2.94061 S33: 0. S12: -378.328E-03

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