Sunday, August 30, 2009

Daily Adventures

On Friday I did something unusual: I ran until I was tired. That turned out to be only 12.5 miles (3.5 were at 6:00 or faster pace). Then I went to bed at 9 and slept for 12 hours. Not much of a party animal this weekend.

It rained a lot yesterday. So what did I do? Go shopping at a mall like a good American. I bought a pair of jean. I also managed to talk my way to borrowing a bed from one of my friend's parents. On the way to Rhode Island I got a flat tire. It was the first time that I was the oldest male around, thus it was my responsibility to do the work. It is something that I had been fearing for several years. When it actually happened I just changed it. There was no fear, just some uncertainty that I put the jack in the right place (it was). Totally anticlimactic and uneventful. Then I had a terrible sleep because I wasn't on the floor and the bed was so nice and soft instead. This is the beginning of a chapter in my life that will be very entertaining in the biography...

Today, after church, I went on a long run. A run that ended up being around 17.7 miles. A little longer than I anticipated. The up side is that I'm not that tired. I think that for awhile, maybe permanently, my runs and days in the mountains are going to be less mentally taxing and subsequently feel less physically draining. Oh they'll still be wicked hard and I'll sleep a lot and be tired and want to cry now and then from the pain but compared to a double marathon or people dying at 26,000 feet a 17.7 mile run is pathetically easy to comprehend.

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