Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am (blank).

Something I find helpful to do sometimes is make a bunch of I statements. People often feel that they are trying to find out who they are. Well, just say it or write it down. I am an engineer. I am scared of the future. I am tall. You get the idea. Just keep going and you may say something that surprises you, but something that you know is true.

"Hello Seattle, I am a mountaineer
In the hills and highlands.
I fall asleep in hospital parking lots"
- Hello Seattle, by Owl City

I prefer hotel parking lots and residential side streets myself. It's funny, the adrenaline rush of sleeping in my van is almost as fun as the route sometimes. The past two weeks and actually my whole summer has been full of hanging out with an older generally more mature crowd. Despite that, I realized that I will probably keep sleeping in my van on trips for awhile. I am willing to sleep in my van and not shower every day if it means that I get to climb, hike, run, and live in some really cool places.

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