Monday, August 31, 2009

Ritz sets the American 5000 meter record

This was a record set in the 90s that several people have been looking at for some time but then this guy who no one expected to break the record takes two seconds off it. Dathan has been a marathoner the last few years but recently he switched coaches and went back to the track. I guess with all those base miles he was able to push harder in the 5k. So the new record is 12:56. For him it was a personal record by 20 seconds. His slowest lap was 63.9. Most were 61 or 62 and the last 800 was in 2:00.6. There are a handful of people I expected to break 13 in the near future but he was not on that list. Who is going to take America under 27 in the 10,000 next year?

Watch the interview for more information.

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