Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sufficiently Bored

Being bored can be a good thing. If a person is always busy, rushing from one event to the next there is no time to contemplate long term goals or what the point is to these activities. I'm not quite there yet, but since moving into my house and taking an indefinite break from running, I'm getting there. I'm almost bored enough to start unpacking, haha.

Seriously though we need rest. I don't know how parents do it. I've been averaging just over nine hours of sleep per night, and I haven't been exercising outside of maybe 8000 steps a day. I come home from work and lay on the couch or in bed until I get up to cook supper. 

This is where the motivation starts. I just took a little walk after supper and the nice cool fall air felt so nice I wanted to break into a run. I wanted to have that feeling of running a good pace in training or a race. There were other things I was considering too, like unpacking, and I didn't do any of them yet because that's part of the secret. When a person is deprived of something or restricted from having it he or she only wants it more. When it comes easily it is not valued. By not running when I have the urge to run when I finally run I will have a fair amount of pent up mental energy to run, which I will need as it will inevitably hurt.

After Everest in 2014 several people assured me I would go back weeks and months before I decided to return. What they understood that I did not is that by being kept from my dream the fire burned hotter. That is also why goals need to be big and difficult. Easy goals are too easily accomplished and the flame is snuffed out. 

Getting back to being bored, I don't have cable or Internet at my house (sorry future visitors). It leaves this hole in my evenings where I might watch some DVDs or read a book or play with my smartphone. All of which are nice, but a little more boring than something like running or blogging. Oddly it is that boredom that helped my blog flourish the last five years. It is especially something that helped my running get to the level it has. And I'm starting to get a little bored, that's why I'm blogging tonight (and not running). It's a good sign for my future productivity. I might even finish unpacking before Thanksgiving...

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