Monday, October 10, 2016

The New Place Struggle

At a bar in Sheboygan in April 2011 I confessed to the bartender I was nervous about moving to Dubuque. She told me to stick it out for six months, because I could always move again. She also told me to take American Family for motorcycle insurance. 

Well, my water was turned off today. Ironically I got home about 5:05 PM today, so after government offices are closed, on the first business day I have actually inhabited my house. And my toilet would not flush, and my sink would not flow water. Mystified I sent an email to the foreman asking for water and how to pay my bill. Then I did a search of my 15,000 unread personal emails and found the one saying I needed to come into the office with my drivers license and social security card (which I have no idea where that is). So yes, the email was in my inbox, it's my fault the water is turned off, and the bigger question is why do I have to go to the office in person?

I struggled this summer running in the heat. It was demoralizing. It contributed to my poor performance at North Coast 2016. Small town life is not feeling as accommodating for me now as it did 12 years ago. They shut my water off!? Seriously?! No waiting until I was 30 days late for my payment, no letter, no phone call, and just 10 days after I close, and half of that time I was in Brazil and 40 percent of it was a weekend. Seriously!!

While I am venting, I don't know of any place other than McDonald's with WIFI after 5 PM. No place to go pound a keyboard, or socialize without alcohol. Similarly, when Wal-Mart has the best vegetables, and best selection of unprocessed foods, it's hard not to cry. 

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