Thursday, October 6, 2016

The World Moves Fast

I'm in Brazil this week, returning to the USA soon. In my free moments, and before I go to bed I've been checking the news, and even watching part of the vice-presidential debate. Sometimes it seems like the world is just blazing by. Space has been all over the place the past two months, with rockets exploding and people declaring humans will go to Mars. The biggest hurricane in over a decade is beginning to strike Florida as I write and the medical field is seeing it's fair share of news.

The interesting thing about seeing USA news from another country is that is seems less pressing than it does when I am in the USA. It's like when I am home I expect us to change and grow, but from afar, it is just happening, not good or bad or even interesting, it just is. I'll get back, and nothing will have really changed, but for some strange reason it feels like I might have missed out. Although, don't fool yourself, I've had a great time here in Brazil!

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