Saturday, October 29, 2016

If I wrote a book about mountaineering, would you be interested enough to buy it?

The question is in the title. "If I wrote a book about mountaineering, would you be interested enough to buy it?"

It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I haven't because I've written books before and while one had over 100 reads, nobody paid for it. So I spend all this time writing and what I have to show for it might as well be a blog post when I am done. In other words, good editing costs money, and so does good formatting. I'm okay at both but certainly not good at either. Aside from editing and formatting, I don't want to write it if no one is going to read it. Blogging is one thing, I just jot down my thoughts, have the time to organize them a little and hit "publish" and I'm done. A book has to flow and you can't just simplify it into a series of 700 word segments, which strangely is something I am finding in many of the newer books I am reading. I mean, it's fine you can do that, but it's the easy way out and some issues don't lend themselves to simply a series of blog posts.

Khumbu Icefall and I
For those people that don't know me well enough to make a recommendation here is some background. I grew up in the relatively flat midwest, got started backpacking in high school and progressed to rock and ice climbing and mountaineering in college. From there I went to Pakistan, Yosemite Valley, and just about everything else in the lower 48 States you've heard of, and then Nepal twice, culminating with my summit of Everest in May. However, about 5000 people have done the same, so why is my story any different? Well, I more or less taught myself, and prepared very well for my Everest expeditions. You can ask anyone on my Everest expeditions and I am relatively confident they would all say that I was well prepared. In other words, if everyone prepared and climbed like I do there would be significantly fewer deaths on Everest and other 8000 meter peaks. And the best way I know of to share that is through a book.
Camp 3 on Everest South Side


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