Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Live in Iowa: Week 251

This was an incredibly busy week! I thought it might be, but it surpassed my expectations. It started at 3:30 AM Sunday in Seattle when I woke up in my rented minivan because I was tired of paying for hotels. Then a nice flight to Chicago, and three hours of driving to get back to Dubuque. Only a few people knew I was in town so it ended up being one of two nights in the whole seven day week I ate supper at my apartment.

Monday was my first day back at work and I made it through about 400 emails in between telling various people about Mt. Everest. I went out to eat with a coworker and friend for supper.

Tuesday I woke up at 5 AM to get dressed and catch a carpool to Waterloo, Iowa for a drivetrain conference at work, and it was 13 hours between the time and left at 6 AM and 7 PM when we returned. A quick run and supper, and a visit to a friend's house and it was 9:30 and I was tired.

Wednesday was day two of the conference in Waterloo and then in the evening I bicycled 50 miles at 20 miles an hour with a large group. We had a burrito after, so another night eating out.

Thursday I slept in. I couldn't help it, I was doing a lot. Not to mention doing Mt. Rainier last weekend, which I still need to write a trip report about. I managed to get in a nice run on Thursday, more than 25 minutes. We went out to eat again, because of the rain our boat trip on the river was canceled. It's worth mentioning all of these events involved different people. There is some overlap, but quite a few  different individuals.

Friday was another day in the Dubuque office. I finished going through my 800 emails. Then we went rock climbing at Pictured Rocks State park after work near Monticello, Iowa. I decided then, on the spur of the moment to do a bicycle ride the next day, so...

Saturday came at 4:30 AM to get ready to bicycle 100 miles, which is 16 more than all the previous rides I had done this year combined. It went really well, I ended up leading our group of 4-6 people for maybe 50-70 miles of the trip because I was not doing the two day option. We averaged 17.3 mph, which is quite fast considering the hills, we regularly were doing 19-20 on the flats. I had my last supper in town, with friends, and then off to sleep.
My Sleep this Past Week
Next week, Kansas!

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