Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Will Be Attempting Nolan's 14 July 2nd

Well, the title says it all. The plan is, leave Coffeyville/Independence after work Thursday and drive to Denver. I don't have a place to stay in Denver yet, so if anyone wants to offer a spot on the floor I will take it, although I will be arriving around midnight.

Friday morning my mom will arrive, and my sister flies into Denver, and perhaps we will meet up with another Iowa friend. We will pick up last minute supplies at REI in Denver or wherever we can find the stuff we are looking for. In the afternoon we will drive up I-70 in bumper to bumper traffic to Leadville. Maybe we will take 285 or another route if I-70 looks especially bad. Dinner will be had at Quincy's Friday night, and hopefully no one will have altitude sickness. We will sleep in Leadville or camp near there, I don't have a reservation yet, again if anyone has a spot on the floor for 3-4 people let me know.

Saturday we will wake up early and get breakfast at the Golden Burro (because it's the only breakfast place open at 6 AM in Leadville) and then around 7 AM or maybe a little later, head to the Fish Hatchery for me to start running 14 14,000 foot mountains.

Here is a good description of the route.

For sure there is a start and a finish, and at least four "aid stations" along the way, but we only have a two wheel drive vehicle, and the crux is definitely the six mountains from Huron to Yale. Which is another way of saying I haven't figured out how I am going to do those. I mean, I hope to sleep a couple hours both nights I will be out there. However, it's convenient to sleep at Winfield (which is really early) or Avalanche Gulch (which is really late) and not in between which is probably where I will be at midnight.

The goal is to finish as early as I can on July 4th, and then drive back to Kansas. This is kind of a must, turns out I am flying to Mexico for work on Tuesday, July 5th, fortunately in the afternoon.

Finally, here is the trip report from 2014 when I did part of the route as research for a serious attempt some time in the future. Also, the video at the bottom of that post is good, worth a watch.

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