Friday, June 3, 2016

More Everest Videos

I'm running out of blog titles for events that seem pretty minor for me. This first video was taken on the south col May 13th just before we headed down and my teammates were on their way to the summit. I really need to talk about this first summit push more, but there are a lot of emotions in it and I don't want to say something in frustration So I need more time to calm down before writing about it.

This second video was taken at camp 2 in the cook tent. I spent a fair amount of time in the camp 2 cook tent because it was usually warmer, there were always people there, and the cooks woke up earlier than everyone else, as I sometimes did.
On a separate note, I'm leaving Paradise super early tomorrow morning to do a one day solo climb of Mt. Rainier. Fun fact, only 20-25 people solo Rainier every year. I didn't think it was that rare. Doing it in one day is more common with many people just resting at camp Muir for a few hours. I feel a little embarrassed doing this. I mean, I just climbed Mt. Everest, and it's not enough? I have to go find another mountain to do, almost immediately? So we'll see, the weather forecast is great for tomorrow! The climbers parking lot is full, so it may be a little crowded, but that's okay with me because it's a lot easier to pass people on the Disappointment Cleaver route than on the fixed lines on Everest. Plus, if I run into any issues, more people are around to help.

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