Wednesday, June 1, 2016

View from South Summit and Back Home

The video today is from near the south summit of Mt. Everest, I'm not sure on the exact time or elevation, but it had to be above 28,000 feet, probably around 28,500. This is the best video image quality I have from high on the mountain. Again it's short, but that's just because Tshering Sherpa was stopped to talk to one of Asian Trekking's other Sherpas on the way up so I just had a brief minute to take a video.

Well, I'm back in the USA! My parents picked me up in Chicago yesterday, we drove back to Sheboygan Falls and had lunch along the way, then I promptly went to bed, for about 16 hours. I didn't really get any sleep on the flights, but the good news is I think I am all caught up and will not have major jet lag the next week. 
View from Camp 3 on Lhotse Face
I heard people liked the picture I posted last week of me descending the ice fall, well, here is one taken before Andy zoomed the camera in to show where I was in more context.
Zoomed Out View Descending the Khumbu Ice Fall
Finally, I don't think I said anything during the expedition, but after my first rotation on the mountain I had some moderately serious blisters on my shins from my 8000 meter boots. The problem was I wore tights under my socks and they overlapped with the tongue on my boots and rubbed quite a bit. The solution was to just leave the tights unzipped on my lower shins and then just bunched up above the top of the boot. I never had a problem getting cold or anything despite how shoddy it looked when I would get dressed.
My legs after the first rotation on the mountain.
For the second rotation I taped my legs and for the third and fourth (my two summit pushes) I didn't need to cover up or care for my legs with anything, although I still have a faint mark on my right leg from the poor choice of layering.

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