Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Get Busy Living..."

If the Shawshank Redemption isn't a great movie... Then there is no such thing as a great movie!

I was rather convinced of going on an adventure over thanksgiving, but then I went back to work, got a little wore down, and spent time doubting. It's fascinating, and very frustrating, how doubt creeps into our heads. We stare across the room at a girl, get up the nerve to walk over, and then detour at the last second because we get scared again that like all the girls before her, she's going to reject us. It's not a positive spiral. I have an image in my head for the positivity and negativity spiral, at some point I'll put it all down on paper. The point is doubt creeps in and keeps most of us from reaching our potential. 

We feel the need to stay with our sunk costs instead of appreciating the opportunity cost of a new endeavor. Point being, I need to get busy living, and maybe you do too.

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