Thursday, December 3, 2015

Proprietary Experiences?

Well, part of a business trip is that some of the most investing stuff is proprietary. That means that the cool things I saw and learned are not the kind of things I can share. Thus no pictures. Well, part of that is the fog too. It's been pretty foggy and I've only seen the Alps for about five minutes in the early dawn and I wasn't thinking about my camera at the time.

Are experiences proprietary? Can they be? Are the things I have learned on this trip and the memories I have made things that belong to the company and not things I can willfully share? Certainly there is a certain about of discretion and allowable ambiguity. I'm an engineer, we looked at graphs and tables. Another example, I will say that I saw prototype cars, but it would probably be too much to say any more than that, such as their brands or what type of car they were. I will say, changing subjects, Germany is full of German cars, and yet they gave us two Ford rentals.

Point being, of an experience, a memory, something now totally within my mind, but including many other people, how much of it is mine, and how much of it is not mine? It's an interesting question.

One little experience I can share, as I was running this morning a lady ran past me the opposite direction and said "Morgen" as in "Morning" short for "Good morning" or "Guten morgen" and I said "Morgen" back. I find that maybe 70% of early morning runners say some variation on "Good morning" when they pass each other. My personal theory is that it is a way to deflect a possible negative interaction by starting a friendly interaction with the person.

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