Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slow to Make Decisions

Sometimes I take years to make a decision. I suppose that is a "luxury" of growing and maturing into an adult. Rather, it is quite painful to make some decisions because the opportunity cost is so high. 

I was watching a movie recently and it had a mob scene, broken by the protagonist. The question hanging in my head during that scene was why didn't anyone take a minute, an hour, and think about what they were about to destroy? Was the tension building for so long the anger couldn't be paused?

Which brings up a good point, anger, while useful and appropriate at times, is something to be expressed with patience. 

I'm not saying that we should delay making decisions, because action is warranted often. Also, we are often on track to make a good decision, but fear holds us back from taking that final leap, or the final "one small step...", into the unknown. So make that decision and get on with life! Still, patience seems to be a never ending lesson, and at times appropriate, and warranted when making a decision.

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