Thursday, September 10, 2015

Problems with the Everest Trailer

I will be going to see the movie Everest with my sister, and others, whoever wants to come in a few weeks. From the trailer I can already tell it is ridiculous and over the top.

1. Falling off ladders, or into crevasses, or blown away by avalanches don't look that cool, they happen even slower. This is the hard one to explain. It's like the actors were trying to dramatize their motions when one of the fast events was happening. 

2. The lighting is wrong. Rarely can you see 400 feet down a crevasse. The snow is blindingly bright and the crevasse is very dark, it all fades well before 400 feet, and besides, it only takes 30 feet to be fatal.

3. 99% of the time when the sun is out everyone is wearing glasses or goggles, of course that doesn't make for good images of the actors emotions, but it's a big deal to a mountaineering nut like me. You would be blind so quick!

4. It's not the most dangerous place in the world, look up Annapurna or Nanga Parbat, or Devils Thumb for mountains. See Faluja, Dresden, Hiroshima, Iwo Jima, etc. for battles. Deep sea diving anyone? Free divers die all the time. BASE jumping anyone?

5. Falls along fixed ropes usually affect one person, who is an idiot and not clipped in. You don't fall 50 feet into a second person, who falls another 50 feet with you before stopping. It's usually either, you fall while unroped on steep terrain, and that's it, or you fall while attached to the fixed rope, and fall four feet. The middle ground only exists on low angle slopes.

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